martedì 7 ottobre 2008

Aurisina Half

So on sunday I've taken the chance of running Aurisina with friends in view of Milan Marathon.
The idea was to run 12 Km warming + the Half Marathon (HM). 
Unfortunately the runmates did not show up at the right time (they were late) and so the 'warmup' turned out to be shorter.

It's the first time I have run more than 30 Km but it went well .. ok ok .. i REALLY did it as a slow run (lungo lento) and stopped to replenish my liquids and .. stopped to EMPTY something too heheh.

Must say that of the HMs I did this is definitely one of a kind. Simple and spartan in the organization yet professional enough and serious. A joy to run.

The good thing is that I had basically no pain at the iliac crest level even after 30 Km, yes i had the legs heavy like stones at the very end but I guess i had to expect it.

If I can keep up like that I start to be confident that the Milan Marathon is at my reach, even if i am not pushing as much as I should and would have liked in this period. I am not pursuing any time to bea and PB and this is the one good thing about running  distance for the first time.


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